Utah Infertility Conference - Saturday October 26 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Rise Above Infertility

The Utah Infertility Resource Center is hosting the Utah Infertility Conference “Rise Above Infertility” on Saturday, October 26th. Don’t let fertility challenges consume you. Check out the line-up of this year’s informative and amazing conference. I am excited to have the opportunity to present a practical experiential Qigong class for pelvic health. Life is about movement, when our body's aren't moving they are losing their life. Through surgery’s and trauma, the organs in the pelvis can become restricted creating distress and discomfort. With qigong and fertility massage you can restore blood flow and improve mobility to the pelvis and pelvic organs. I will also be part of a six person holistic health provider panel answering questions about fertility. Come ask questions, find out answers about your fertility needs, and mingle with others on the same journey.

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CranioSacral Therapy for Expectant Mom's & Newborns

Jeremy and I had the opportunity to attend a an advanced CranioSacral therapy class this past week designed for conception, pregnancy, and birth. It was a wonderful class to learn about all the amazing changes that take place in an expectant mother’s anatomy as well as the growth of the child. We were able to feel both mother and childs CranioSacral rhythm both in utero as well as in newborns. I had the opportunity to work with a mom 15.5 weeks pregnant with her 4th and on a 4 month old, Jeremy worked on mom 22 weeks along with her 8th child who hadn’t connected to her child because she has been so busy with the others and on a 6 month old. It was incredible.

This past Monday I had a client come in that I’ve worked on for several years. This was the first time in to meet her cute daughter that was born 6 weeks ago after I assisted in inducing labor through a foot zone. What a blessing to work with these brand new spirits. It is beautiful to see how moms and babies respond so favorably to CST. The central nervous system is very accepting of this gentle therapy, especially in regards to baby’s still-developing central nervous system.

Even a single session can help baby achieve priceless benefits. Additional sessions can extend and strengthen the results. Common phrases used by mothers after the first few treatments include: “good baby, alert, not fussy, at peace, and calm.” Breastfeeding seems to be more easily accomplished and parents seem to enjoy their children more.

If you are curios to see how CranioSacral therapy might help you through your journey, Jeremy and I will be offering a 50% discount off our regular prices for women trying to conceive, expectant mothers, and babies up to one year of age from now through Dec. 31, 2019. Just mention this post to receive the discount.

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This button takes you to the brochure from Upledger International that explains crainel for conception, pregnancy and birth. Feel free to look it over and pass it along to someone you know that might need it.

CranioSacral Therapy for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth

Jeremy and I will be attending a CranioSacral Therapy training for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth next month. They need 13 pregnant women and 13 women with babies under 6 months of age for students to work with during the class. If you are interested in participating, please contact Colleen at the Upledger Institute (colleen.russell@iahe.com) or the teacher Kimberly Painter (kim@healtheself.net) to get registered.

Location: Hotel RL-Salt Lake City 161 West 600 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101 (Red Lion Hotel)

Pregnant women - Oct. 12 from 10-12 am

Moms with babies - Oct. 13 from 11:45 - 1:45

More details on the benefits of CST can be found at https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5b6cf1f2aa49a1ee0d0118a3/t/5ce71b01a4222fee19b177ca/1558649615403/CranioSacral+Therapy+for+Conception+Pregnancy+and+Birthing.pdf

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Merciér Therapy Fertility Blog - My Natural Healer

Our good friend Laura Como has a new series on her blog called “Ask Anything”. This weeks post is on fertility where she talks about IVF & Merciér Therapy. My Natural Healer has directory for natural healing practitioners. Each Monday she does an Instagram video series where people write in and ask questions.

Natural Health & Wellness Conference

Join AJ Bodywork this Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th at the Salt Palace Convention Center for the Be Healthy Utah Natural Health and Wellness Conference. They have a great line-up of speakers and vendor booths. Check out the details at https://www.behealthyutah.com

Becoming a Certified Merciér Therapist


It all stated in 2017 while I was still in massage school. I came across an introductory video about Merciér Therapy presented by Oak Works and hosted by Dr. Jennifer Merciér. I immediately researched all I could about Merciér Therapy and how I could become a certified practitioner of this amazing modality. The more I found out the more excited I became. I knew I had to get certified so I could offer help in an area that is often overlooked and misunderstood, pelvic pain and infertility. A year and a half later I was on my way traveling Chicago, and then to St Charles Il. A lovely suburb of Chicago right on the Fox River and freezing cold. It was in the single digits most of the time I was there. Me and four other therapists spent an amazing week at Jennifer Merciér office learning, sharing and working on each other. Dr. Merciér took the time we needed to understand the complexity of the female pelvis. Merciér Therapy addresses three unique aspects of female pelvic health. Pelvic pain, fertility, and C-section recovery. Each area has its own set of challenges. The commonality with each is first restoring mobility and blood flow to the organs in the pelvis. Merciér Therapy is preformed on the abdomen and back. The therapy is an external massage sequence that is non-invasive.

This was an experience I will always remember. We had time each day to enjoy a delightful lunch and sometimes dinner together. Each restraint offering their own wonderful creations. The entire experience was educational, enlightening, collaborative and fun. I am excited to bring this wonderful work to my practice. I gained new friends and a deeper understanding of the pelvis its structure and aliment. The pelvis is truly an amazing combination of complex structures comprising bones, tissues, muscles, organs and hormones. When these systems are working in harmony life is good, and you feel great. But when there is disharmony from injury, surgery, miss alignment, lack of blood flow, and pore posture life is a little harder and you feel out of sorts. Merciér Therapy helps to get your pelvis back into optimal alignment. By using beep and gentle visual massage I can break up facial adhesion in the abdomen and pelvis. Restore blood flow and promote lymph absorption.

I am so happy to be able to offer this amazing therapy in our practice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

7 Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

As health coaches and therapeutic body workers, we are constantly asked how to live a healthier lifestyle. We have put together this short video with some tips. Enjoy!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a hands-on manual pumping and drainage technique used to keep the fluid levels of the body in balance while defending it against infection. The rhythmic touch activates lymph and fluid circulation, filters toxins, and stimulates the immune system.

It is a non-invasive approach that can be used to address local swelling or as a total body preventative healthcare approach for optimal wellness.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage assists the lymphatic system, as well as the cardiovascular, cerebrospinal, digestive, immune, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems.

Why is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Important?

The lymphatic system is an integral part of our immune system. It helps the body to defend against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The system supports immunity by making and storing lymphocytes that produce antibodies to defend the body against disease.

The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to detoxify and regenerate tissues. Lymph nodes function as cleansing stations to filter out germs and other harmful substances, and to recover crucial substances like water and proteins. It works tirelessly to remove waste products from our cells and to maintain the purity of the internal environment.

If the lymph circulation stagnates due to injury or infection, toxins accumulate and cellular metabolism is compromised. The result is an increase in acid and toxins within the tissues causing pain, tension, and edema. These need to be removed quickly from the interstitial fluid to promote proper tissue healing and restore pain-free movement.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to work more efficiently

  • Promotes a healthy immune system

  • Removes stagnant fluid from tissues

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Reduces swelling & inflammation

  • Decreases acute and chronic pain

  • Decongests the body after surgery

  • Relieves fatigue

  • Decreases abnormal water retention

  • Induces deep relaxation to aid with insomnia and stress


Symptom Relief For:

  • Acne

  • Auto-immune/chronic fatigue

  • Dental - tooth pain/TMJ

  • Edema/swelling

  • Headaches/migraines

  • IBS/digestion

  • Muscles spasms

  • Pre- and post-chemo

  • Pre- and post-surgery

  • Sinus congestion

  • Sprains & strains

  • Stress

What Should I Expect in an Appointment?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage will begin with an evaluation, which guides the treatment and helps to measure change and progress. The practitioner then uses gentle rhythmic mobilizations directly on the skin of the neck, head, arms, torso, and legs. These movements begin near the collar bones, where the lymphatic fluids return to the blood stream. From there, they move out to the extremities and back again along the lymphatic channels of the body located throughout the skin.

Sessions may vary from 30-90 minutes. Frequency of treatment is based upon the symptoms the client is experiencing. Clients will typically experience decreased pain and swelling along with an increase in relaxation, energy, and mobility.

Interview with Murray Area Chamber of Commerce

MACC and AJ Bodywork

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Hansen and Susan Bond from the Murray Area Chamber of Commerce to talk about what makes AJ Bodywork stand out from other massage businesses in the Salt Lake Valley. It was a lot of fun taping the interview, and Dave and Susan where great hosts. We spoke about CranioSacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, and health coaching. I hope you enjoy the interview. Thanks to MACC for providing such a great opportunity!

AJ Bodywork is dedicated to putting you first! We are not a “Massage Factory”. Right from the beginning you will notice we take our time with you and your appointment. We are not in a rush to get you in and out. Amy and Jeremy want to get to know you, and find out what combination of therapeutic bodywork will best address your needs and concerns. We listen, ask questions and make sure you get the individualized attention you need. Every therapeutic bodywork session is unique to the need of the client, not some pre-rehearsed oily flow massage that everyone gets. Our therapeutic bodywork focuses on the areas that you want worked on. Most of our therapies can be done while clothed and you can ask questions along the way or just rest your eyes and relax.

Here are some of the bodywork therapies that might benefit you.

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Foot Zone Therapy

  • Myofascail Release

2019 is a good year to start juicing

Juicing is a part of the health journey we began together almost 5 years ago. We have been able to tell a difference in the way we feel and perform on days we drink juice and days we don’t. We are amazed by all the health benefits found in fruits and vegetables. Anti-aging, antibiotic, anti-cancer, anti-depressant, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and more. As we enjoyed a glass of freshly juiced produce this morning, we decided to start sharing some of our favorite recipes.

Self-Care Tips for your EYES

Eye conditions are often a reflection of the health of the body as a whole. We have had several clients come in this past month with concerns about eye strain and headaches. Here are some acupressure points found around the eye that can help alleviate the strain. You can practice them daily or use them when needed.

Acupressure Eye Strain .png

We also recommend drinking lots of water, daily juicing, and managing your stress to help with eye strain.

Complimentary Massage

Complimentary massage with purchase at Athleta Fashion Place on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Join AJ Bodywork in store from 10-12 and 2-4 each day. We can answer any questions you have about massage modalities as well.

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Still Point demonstration with Jack Canfield

CranioSacral Therapy for Longevity: Applications for the Treatment of Alzheimer's & Dementia

During one of Michael Morgan’s longevity classes, he demonstrates the application of the still point on Jack Canfield. The still point on the central nerves system is like rebooting your computer. The temporary build-up of cerebrospinal fluid then breaks free and is able to break up plaques and allow for freer movement in the brain.